Wow, I can't believe it's my birthday today! My 21st year was incredible and definitely flew by. It seems like yesterday that I was celebrating with my family in NYC last summer. What a year it has been...I finished up my internship at Hearst Digital and finally came home to Dallas to begin my senior year of college. My last year at SMU easily went by the quickest. I am so thankful for everything my alma mater as given me - an amazing education, a loving boyfriend, and six of the best friends I could ask for. Luckily, all seven of those special people are still in my life post-grad (none moved away, yay!). Because I graduated in May, this year was full of beginnings and ends. My friends and I would sit around the sorority house declaring the last football game, the last formal, the last spring break, all the way down to our last classes and exams. Graduation weekend was a total blur of ceremonies, parties, and time with family. I can hardly believe that was two months ago.

It's been fun to start new traditions with my friends and boyfriend now that we don't all live on the same campus. On Monday nights, my girlfriends and I gather at one of our houses/apartments for dinner, wine, and the Bachelorette. Sundays are usually spent with my guy, when he doesn't have to work that crazy job of his. Making the extra effort to see each other is crucial now that we don't all live in the same square mile.

22 is officially old. I know my ten-year-old self would consider me old at this point, at least. But with college behind me and a (fantastic!) new job starting soon, I think 22 will be pretty great too.

Image credit: Apt 2 Baking Co, edited by me.


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